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Green Raisin

Golden and Green raisins can grow in different environments. Golden and Green Color Raisins along with sweet and fruity taste that easily distinguishable.

Golden raisin genuinely comes from Thompson seedless raisins that normally some sulfur dioxide adds to them in order to maintain its golden color.

Long Raisins are normally long in shape and sweet and sour in taste.

The raisins are naturally green however adding sulfur fumigation along with shade drying, brightens the color of green raisins.

During the month of September the grapes are reaped and it is the time to purchase new crops from growers. In addition, processing and sorting raisins are dependent on customer’s request and specifications.


The raisins are

  1. Dried
  2. Treated with vegetable oil
  3. Mechanical cleaning
  4. Laser and hand sorting to detect foreign materials

All procedures take place in an extremely hygienic conditions